Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use ContentPro?

Simply install the Google Chrome Extension, start writing your blog or article in Google Docs, and begin viewing similar content from other companies about the topic you are writing about.

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How is ContentPro different than other content marketing tools?

ContentPro aims to exclusively analyze content from company websites. Our goal is to provide insights about what companies care about, by directly analyzing what they are saying. Instead of relying on third party analysis, you can keep tabs on competitors, uncover new companies in your market, and find cooperative partnerships with a powerful full-text analysis tool of up-to-date company-created content.

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How often is new content added to ContentPro’s content library?

We are continuously monitoring company websites for new posts. We understand that identifying fresh content is critical for many content writers and we aim to identify new content within a day of it being published.

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Can I buy a subscription for multiple people at my company?

Yes! Reach out to for an Activation Code to distribute to your team. Your team members can simply make an account on, enter the activation code, and they will have full access to our platform.

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I don’t want my company’s blogs appearing on ContentPro, how can I remove them?

You certainly have the right to request removal of your content from the ContentPro library. Although we think the service benefits the content writers themselves by displaying content to other writers who are writing about similar topics (references, backlinks, etc), we will promptly respond to any requests for content removal by the appropriate owners. Please email with any and all inquiries.

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How do I delete my ContentPro account?

To delete your account or remove payment information, please email

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